The Healing Table

sai6I love to do work at my healing table. Here is where I make sleep squares, which are small pieces of paper cut into a square, and then charged with various Sai Sanjeevini patterns, and placed in the pillow case of the person you pilloware healing. I make sleep squares for the whole family, each a little different. You could certainly charge up a beverage and drink it before bed, but I prefer the sleep squares because they provide a constant delivery of the formula all night, as your head lay on the pillow.

Each sleep square I make begins with combination #1 and #60, as do all the Sanjeevinis I make. Then add #144 sleep and we have a basic sleep formula. In my husband’s formula, I add the laundrypatterns for asthma and the marital bliss combination, and in mine I add nose, throat, respiratory, and blockages to curb snoring. I start with a small amber bottle filled with sugar pellets, and label the bottle, say, “Madeleine Sleep”, then charge my sample bottle with the appropriate combinations or single patterns, that I have predetermined to use. The labeled samples are keep in a plastic sorter box that is divided into rows of bins, sorted numerically. Now that I have my samples made up, we can create a remedy at a moment’s notice- I make new sleep squares easily, every time I do laundry!

Our dining room table is our triage area, with notebooks full of healing patterns, dowsing patterns, decagons, and Sai Sanjeevini transfer/broadcasting charts. We also keep an array of homeopathic remedies on hand, organized alphabetically, several pendulums and crystals, amber bottles which I use for making Sanjeevini samples as well as for when I potentize a homeopathic remedy- all of which are often seen piled on to the table at one point or another.  This is where I dowse, potentize, and use other energy charts.  The healing table is also the gathering place for family dinners and holidays, and has always been. From Los Angeles where I bought the table and chairs in about nineteen eighty something, to 2 different locations in Pittsburgh, back to Los Angeles again, it has served me well.  Some of my happiest memories are of our family Passover Seders held every year, some bigger, some just the two of us, and always at our healing table.seder

They’re Back

holesHoles in my T shirts are back. My new  T shirt with lovely lace coputrmetrim is ruined by tiny holes, just below the navel. It’s been a re occurring problem, these holes.  I’ve been getting them in the same place, in the same fabric (cotton) for over 2 years now, and had to throw out most of my shirts.  My husband does not get them in his shirts- only my shirts, or shirts of his that I have worn. I have scoured the internet to get to the bottom of it, read about many accounts similar to mine, but not a logical explanation was to be found. I have heard weak reasons such as laundry soap, belt, seat belt, rough counter tops, Monsanto cotton, and even course belly button hair! But I buy none of them.

pendulum1I dowsed to see if the cause of the holes were entities and the answer was yes. I tried to connect with the entity via my pendulum and I asked if it was making the holes, “Yes”. Then I asked if the holes nourished it, “No.” Then I asked if it would stop making the holes, “No.” Lastly, I asked that, if it was allowed to stay, would it stop making the holes, “Yes.” I closed the communication and continued dowsing, asking my pendulum if the entity would stop making the holes,”No.” NO? Well then, we best try to attempt to clear the entity using my pendulum and I asked it to point to the ‘ready for question’ spoke on the dowsing wheel when the clearing was complete, and it did.                                                                                 broadcast

For those of you who are new to dowsing, let me explain…Just as radios pick up information from unseen radio waves, the pendulum is a powerful antenna that receives information from the vibrations and energy waves emitted by people, places, thoughts and things.

enisteinNoted physicist Albert Einstein was known to perform impressive feats with dowsing tools. He believed that it had to do with electromagnetism: just as birds migrate following the earth’s magnetic field, dowsers react to energies that are unseen and still not fully understood. Some people say that the pendulum creates a bridge between the logical and intuitive parts of the mind.

Some say that the pendulum connects them with a higher power and call it “divining” as the information is believed to come from a divine source. Research by many scientists indicates that the pendulum responds to electromagnetic energy that radiates from everything on Earth. No one knows for sure how the pendulum works, but the important thing is that it does work! As Thomas Edison is said to have replied when asked about electricity: “I don’t know what it is, but it’s there, let’s use it.” Other famous dowsing advocates in history include Leonardo De Vinci (inventor), Robert Boyle (father of modern chemistry), Charles Richet (nobel prize winner), and General Patton (U.S. Army).

I use dowsing for everything from balancing my groceries, to selecting a remedy, to finding a lost item. It has become an indispensable tool in managing my health and wellness,  and  just in my every day living. One incredible gift- dowsing.giftift

Unity Has To Be The Goal

doomssI’m fascinated by preppers, twins and multiple birth families and large families of 12 or more, andmulti by the mere notion that the sun is 93 million miles away, however far that may be. Reality is much more entertaining to me than most fiction. I watch reality TV- Jon and Kate, Beverly Hills Housewives,  Wife Swap, I especially love the Alaskan Homesteaders who are amazing survivalists, and lately have been watching the doomsday preppers who, for one reason or another see the end of the world and have made it their live’s work and a culture as well, preparing.

But as my husband pointed out for me, their thing will never work, because it is only for themselves.  This is a major teaching I have learned from Kabbalah about living and giving. It must include all. A prepper builds a bunker only for his family’s safety and cares not what happens to the rest of the world.  This does not full fill the mutual guarantee.

I go with the one-love one-heart kind of thinking. In a community crisis I would most definitely share some of my provisions and take up a role as a healer.  I have often thought it might take some kind of a world shake up and loss of conventional medicine as we know it to bring the community toward the alternative healing means myself and my family now practice.

BTW- For all of you that have hidden bunkers that are blast proof, attack proof, or open-in-any-way proof, remember that the idea of the door not opening works both ways.  You might also get stuck inside. Also remember the law of attraction-  mind what you think about and plan for, least it happen!

foodoEmergency food stores should be kept, not because I am expecting a solar flash knocking out the grid and subsequent riots, but more because there could be either a weather event or some man-made event preventing the flow of food, water and supplies into our community for one of many reasons for as many as weeks on end. I wrote Madeleine’s Survival List previously which you can refer to when putting together your survival gear.

pendulum1One of my most precious survival tools broadly in life is my pendulum. Not onlyds84 can I use it to select a remedy and then potentize the remedy from water, salt and a decagon, but I could use it to find and balance water, and to determine fungalweather or not food is spoiled, and also to clear noxious energy, and in any crisis there is probably noxious energy associated with it, which will benefit all, to be cleared. My set of 3 Sai Sanjeevini notebooks are a complete healing system in themselves- an endless source of healing prayer energy that myself and family use on a daily basis to help develop good health and divine attributes. Our paper doctors patterns used with a magnet give us another complete healing system to draw from, and remember, these are endless sources of energy for healing and potentizing.

Preppers hoard jewelry to trade after doomsday. I have love and healing to offer free, and know that by that, I shall be provided for.godprovides

A Healing Day

save the worldNot a day goes by without having to heal, counsel, or try to save the world, and the same goes for my husband. Who would have imagined life would take us to this state, to this field, to this consciousness. good morningIn our family, we place our morning drinks on a Sai Sanjeevini prayer pattern to start our day. These are combinations of various patterns, custom made for each person. I place my morning coffee on mine, and find myself wearing my inner smile.

Today is my day off from my fund raising job. And it’s gonna be a healing day-

  • Brandi still has a little blood in her urine- going back to Graphites which I dowsed for and and which with we had great success. I have plenty of pellets on hand in both 6c and 30 c. Here Brandi…
  • Alison has sore teeth. Yes, sore teeth when she bites down. Jimmie dowsed and got Mag phos. After about 6 doses of 30c she stopped complaining, and when asked about her teeth she said “much better”. I am also making a Sai Sanjeevini sleep square for her pillow case.
  • I have added a blood pressure element to Jimmie’s Sai Sanjeevini mega remedy- I do believe the pressure of his job contributed to his condition, but we have that covered. He, also has a sleep square.
  • For me, it’s Rux tox for my for feet, and paper doctor ‘tired feet’ which I carry everywhere I go. When I feel the pressure of life, I feel it my chest. Ignatia 30c has been a mainstay all over mind tonic remedy for me which removes the chest pain and lets me breathe. I also need Fragaria vesca for the teeth grinding issue.

blessingIt is a very good thing, and a blessing to be sure, to have the ability to be able to pendulum1dowse for the correct remedy, and then potentize it, whenever a need arises.  Not only have we saved hundreds of hours spent in travel and appointment time seeking out doctors, but probably thousands of dollars on services and medicines, not to mention the thousands saved on health insurance which we  never carry, unless it is offered free on the job.


Madeleine’s Survival List

I’m not a ‘patriot’ nor a ‘prepper’ but I do believe in being ready for an emergency, be it earthquake, plague, or terrorist attacks.

soltd outThey say disasters and such can shut down commerce for weeks, meaning the grocery store would be sold out in a matter of days or less, if there were a run on the store.  Not only would we probably be unable to get food or water, but the grid may be down and anything you had on your computer may be hidden behind a blank screen.

There is no harm in being prepared, and who wants to starve or riot for food in a crisis?
Not I. I am putting together my own version of a prepper’s stockpile, that should serve a family of 3, plus a dog, for  about 6 weeks.

First water, a gallon a day per person. I’ll round down a little and stock 20 five gallon water bottles. A drop of bleach can be used to purify bad water but you best know what you are doing. You can also balance water with your pendulum.

For food, stock  20 pounds each of rice and beans,  10 pounds cornmeal, 1/2 gal olive oil, about 100 jarred meats fruits and veggies, 5 pounds of pasta, and 2 pounds of sugar. I don’t know about you, but I would rough it with my french press, so add 2 pounds of coffee, several canned milks, as well as tea. 20 pounds of dog kibble should last over a month. Make sure to package your food stocks in 5 gallon sealable paint containers, with salt at bottom, and add dry ice to remove the air, before sealing.

Also pack vinager, baking soda, salt, and vodka or brandy for a variety of uses, flint, matches, candles, oil lamp and fuel, batteries, soap, garbage bags and latex gloves.

A cook stove and fuel are a must. We are in California so cooking outside is usually always an option. You must think ahead for cooking twice a day for 6 weeks and make sure you have enough charcoals, fuel canisters, or whatever you come up with for cooking. You will be cooking rice and beans as a daily staple, as well as cornmeal cakes and pasta, plus heating food and boiling water for coffee or tea. Test your equipment in advance!

decWe cannot forget emergency healing supplies. Always but always have 1several decagons on hand, protected in plastic sleeves. Have your Sai Sanjeevini hospital and paper doctor patterns, and dowsing charts printed and organized, and easy to get your hands on, again protected in plastic sleeves. Plenty of amber bottles, black pens, white paper, as well as a compass and pendulum. And of course books and reference material. If the grid goes down, we have scads of books and print outs on everything under the sun.under the sun

16 Years

Happy Anniversary to us

Jimmie, I love you

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Great Questions

Sometimes I get redundant or lack luster questions and search terms, but here are some that I consider very relevant…

2bsa immunization waiver- I am thrilled to know that some moms out there are not vaccinating their kids. Here is a link to an very informative article I wrote on vaccinations, along with the exemption request form…

stwtrastrawberry tincture kills mrsa- This is new to me but not surprising, if true. Here are some of the natural and very effective ways to kill the MRSA virus that I have verified…

little bookheroin 3 day rule- Heroin is serious business. I have to respect those with the honesty to share the ‘discipline’ of being a chipper, not because I in any way agree, but because it is life-saving information that is not taught in any drug treatment programs I know of. The Little Book is controversial yet these chippers supposedly make up the bulk of these users so perhaps we should explore it, if for nothing else than perspective.

marioMario Martinez neropsychologist- a modern hero to me. He teaches the mind body code and dispels the myths of pop psychology. He has a CD collection that everyone can benefit from. Here is a video he has on youtube…



schradionic trends for healing schizophrenia- Now we’re talking. Michael Schofield are you listening? I am guessing any experiments being done are in the closet or at least under the radar. To entertain the notion that schizophrenia can be cured or controlled by a radionics device would mean making a pardigm shift and throwing out conventional psychiatry and pharmacology as we know it, and it would be very bad for business.

cell saltstissue salts for dry eyes- my best advise about tissue salts is to just take the 12 in combination, called Bioplasma. I am sure everyone can benefit from all of the 12, in some way but if you want to be specific, Sodium chloride and Silica are the tissues salts recommended for dry eyes.

pendulum1bach flowers for heroin withdrawal- I always think of Bach flowers more for mentals, and homeopathy for both mental and physical. For heroin withdrawals, try  sipping on Aconite water all day, try Nux Vomica, mega doses of vitamin C, Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns, radionics tones or charts to clear noxious energy, and if you are so lucky to know a dowser/healer, ask them to draw the pain and toxins out of your body, via their pendulum.

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