How Do I Know?

Well, first of all, I read, I cross reference, and I also have compiled an extensive library in my head, from what I have learned over the years, and I also collect information from my observations and experiments. Your questions encourage me to dig deeper. Here are more of your recent questions, with the answers a la Madeleine…

hyhydrangea dissolve my kidney stones– It will indeed. I just took some as a prophylactic today. It has been a year since I had a dreaded kidney stone attack and I don’t ever plan to have another! If you are prone to them, read this

stutteroil pulling and stammering– Hmmmmm, probably not. Oil pulling is for just that- pulling. It will pull toxins from the body, but it will not pull stammering. Stammering is often psychological caused by parents harshly criticizing. Homeopathy and/or Bach Flowers seems much more appropriate here, and perhaps counseling for the parents.

chestnut budrepeated mistakes homeopathic remedy– For someone who makes repeated mistakes, I would try the Bach Flower remedy called Chestnut Bud. The shoe fits!

pendulumscan dowsing heal vaccine damage– You can dowse for the remedy that will best heal the vaccine damage, or what chart etc, will help cure the damage. You can also use your pendulum to balance the vaccine damage. May I suggest Sai Sanjeevini patterns to antidote vaccine damage. Here is lots more unhappy news about the damage vaccinating can bring

comahomeopathy coma– I am certain we woke a young friend from a coma, by transmitting 10m arnica, and Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns for coma and such.

compass1north orientation– One of the things I often forget to put on my list of healing supplies needed, is a compass.   We dowse facing the north, and we place all healing patterns facing north. In a crunch or catastrophe, you can make a compass, as follows;

Option 1 – You can take a magnet and touch the south pole of the magnet to the point of your needle and touch the north pole of the magnet to the eye of the needle. You can also do this with a bit of wire. Float it in a puddle of water on a leaf and you have yourself a compass

Option 2 – Chances are you are not going to have a magnet out in the wilderness, so instead use a compasss2little bit of silk or wool from your clothing to magnetize the needle. Rub the needle from eye to point around 100 times and the needle will now be magnetized. Now float the needle on a leaf or piece of paper.

Hitting Hard

Alison continues to be safe and doing well, is at the best place possible, and I could ask for no more.

feetNow that things are settled and flowing and ‘steady as she goes’, we can begin to address an issue with her feet that has been plaguing her, but we were always too busy with one life crisis after another, to deal with it effectively over a long treatment, which is surely needed. Years of walking and wearing sweaty shoes have caused what appears to be Athlete’s foot  that not only never seems to clear up regardless of what she does (only natural), but has gotten worse.

pendulumsToday she complained by phone, and I promised to do something.  First I dowsed for the number of the remedy that would most benefit Alison’s feet. I got number 18, Aurum metallicum, at the 30c dose. I then dowsed for how long to transmit the remedy and was shown 30 days solid. Using my rate book, I get 3467 and proceed to prepare a remedy transmitting chart using the name, dose, and rate of the remedy and a photo of my daughter as a witness. Thanks Juanita for the chart.    She’s on. Note… after reading about Aurum Met I was less than amazed to find it was a huge remedy for athlete’s foot, which obviously, my higher self knew.

I then began a broadcast on my digital radionics software, VoiceSync, using her photo and a decagon for amplification, sending the following wish; HEAL ALISON’S ATHLETE’S FOOT AND ITCH.

sai6Now I make a soothing foot cream, using an ordinary lotion as the base, and charging it with the following Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns:

combo #1, combo #60, skin formula,leg and foot, body tissues, emergency, worms and parasites (include fungus), and fungal infection all

I also made a bottle of sugar pellets charged with same, of which she is to take 6-10 doses a day (6-10 pellets). In addition, I charged a stack of very small pieces of paper-she can put one in her pocket, one in her pillow, and drop a fresh one into each of her shoes, daily. Lastly I put the sample, and her photo on the Sai Sanjeevini broadcasting chart sending my daughter a constant flow of healing energy.

Other things she can do to help heal her feet;

  • disinfect inside shoes- she can use the baking soda I charged with Sanjeevini anti-fungal patterns, or vinegar and water
  • soak feet in cinnamon and water- cinnamon slows the growth of fungus
  • wear open shoes as much as possible and keep feet dry
  • eat lots of garlic- it has wonderful anti-fungal properties

Maggi from the homeopathic pharmacy in Santa Monica also reminded me that fungus lives on the inside too, and suggested sugar, bread and pasta be curbed as much as possible.  She also suggested chromium for sugar cravings , and vitamin C  to help remove the ‘die off’ of candida. Since I have the rates for both items, I can dowse to see if they will be beneficial, and if so, continue to dowse for transmitting details, and use the remedy transmitter that I have been so successfully using lately. She also showed me this WO oil that she swears by- I picked it up to alternate with the other stuff.

If may seem like an awful lot for just athlete’s foot, but all these modalities work beautifully together and compliment each other, and because the situation has been long term and chronic, and is acute, I am hitting hard.gloves

The Color Orange

clotherI went clothes shopping last week, and came home only to notice that several of the items I bought were orange in color. I bought a plaid flannel shirt which was blue and orange, then a dress with a print of orange, and 2 other solids, both in the orange hues. Hmmmmm. Why am I all of a sudden attracted to this color? I stumbled upon an article that the Sai Sanjeevini team put together, explaining that Gurus and Yogis around the world wear orange, the color of saffron, and here are some of the reasons why;

– Orange dress helps develop wisdom.Guru-Pooja-2013-logo
– People wearing saffron dress always do soul-searching every minute.
– They start treating everybody alike.
– Saffron dress helps us get rid of our doubts and gives us peace of mind.
– Saffron dress helps us to think clearly without haste and speak clearly.
– Saffron dress gives us energy and keeps us active.
– Saffron color gives us good health.
– Saffron dress helps us to get rid of many diseases.
– It is said that diseases which are there for a long time, like TB, piles, etc, can be gotten rid of by wearing saffron dress.
– People suffering from back pain also get relief.
– Nervous problems and paralysis get relief.
– Kidney related problems get relief.
– We get relief from cold, breathing problems and headache.
– Most importantly blood gets purified.

Now I understand the attraction to the clothes I bought, and my love for saffron seasoning  as well as the orange-ish Italian tiles on our front and rear porch.

Of course one could dowse for the color that would most benefit him or her, or to find out a color that may be harmful. There are dowsing charts for just that purpose, but I choose the flowers, clothes, and home decor that appeals to me, and don’t see the need to ask my higher self to show me where I know I am already naturally drawncolor wheel

In The Know

in the knowNot a day goes by without me finding dozens of interesting questions from readers who want to know this, and they want to know that, and whatever. I try to research and address as many issues/conditions/questions as I can.  I’m not complaining- I actually love it- it keeps me in the know.

yes no % probabilityPendulum dowsing charts for kids– You can use the same charts for kids and adults alike, after all kids are subject to the same diseases, emotions, entity attachments and the like, as adults. Kids have chakras, can be balanced and can be cleared, just like adults.

blkta-rHow to purify black tar heroin- Now why would you want to do that? If you are trying to make a tautopathic remedy for reducing heroin withdrawals, I will give you the method, and in the name of harm reduction, pure is safer than unfiltered, so

saltAntidote Lachesis– This is not the first time someone has asked for the antidote to Lachesis, though for what purpose, I do not know. The antidotes to Lachasis are: Arsenicum, Mercurius, heat, alcohol, or salt.

little-bookHeroin chipper stories- If you are looking for entertainment, I do not have any such stories, but if you are looking for solid ways to use heroin as safely as possible, and with the smallest damage report as could be had, here are some tips to keep you alive, employed, and out of jail, if you choose to use, although I personally don’t know any chippers who successfully live the life.

almondsNuts and memory loss- Pistachios, almonds, and walnuts are known to strengthen the memory and restore memory loss. Here are other foods, herbs and supplements, and ideas concerning memory loss that may help you

Jani and Bodhi schizophrenia- If you were to ask me if they both are, my answer is ‘yes.’                                       jni

Jani Schofield Munchausen-  Again you ask? and again I say ‘no.’

Bodhi Schofield faking- Are you kidding?  no

Remedy Transmitter

decIt is the best feeling ever, to know that within a given 2 hours, I can potentize any remedy I wish, from Arnica to Zincum. All I need is a decagon, salt, a crystal glass, and a black ink pen and white paper. The process is easy- just write out the name and dose of the remedy in caps (i.e. ARNICA 30C) dip in salt water and let dry. Now take the dry paper and place in the center of a decagon, with a crystal glass filled with water on top, wait 2 hours, and voila you now have a glass of Arnica 30c. I have done this dozens of times over several years now, and it is simply second nature to me.

Today I had the opportunity to try out a new chart, called Radionic Remedy Transmitter, which is given free at (go to homeopathy, then bonus, to find chart).  It allows you to transmit a chosen remedy immediately, using the rate, and bypassing the ‘potentizing’ process. The chart has an area on the left to write in the name, dose, and rate of the remedy, which attaches to a circular transmitter, the center in which you place your witness. I have an amazing compilation of all the rates- it is a 48 page book by Sulis Remedy Makers, of every rate imaginable- allopathic rates, rates for amino acids, flowers essences, homeopathy, elements, parasites, radio active fallout, chakras, gems, vitamins, and many many more. So here is how I used the new chart and rate book..

cookI offered to fix Jimmie some lunch prior to going in to work, but he refused, complaining of heartburn and digestion problems, so I dowsed for the number of the remedy that would most help his current indigestion and heartburn. I was shown number 81, and  after checking Ruggerio’s list of 151 homeopathic remedies, found that 81 was Lac deflortum. I didn’t have the remedy on hand, nor the 2 hours needed to potentize- Jimmie leaves for work in less than 2 hours, and I want him to have relief now. So I opt to try our new transmitter chart, and I prepare to transmit by writing in the name and dose of the remedy and the rate which I looked up in the rate book- LAC DEFLORATUM 30C 4247, and put an amber bottle of Jimmie’s spit in the witness area. The whole process, from dowsing to select a remedy, to looking up the rate and preparing the transmission chart, took less than 10 minutes. Ok, Jimmie lays down to rest and I transmit. 5 minutes pass and I ask how he feels. I got the familiar “Well?” which means…”now that you mention it I am much better”.

BTW, I looked up Lac defloratum, a remedy I have never used nor know about, and found it to be commonly used for travel/motion sickness, and for upset stomach from milk allergies. The fact that within 30 minutes of receiving the remedy, Jimmie was devouring home made chocolate chip cookies, speaks for itself. cookies

Progress Report

As mentioned before, I sought the advise of a homeopathic master from India, who is also pendulumsmedically trained and known and respected around the world for his remarkable healing. I may be able to dowse for a single remedy, listen to a Bach flower tone, or transmit a good intention through digital radionics, but actually addressing my total ‘case’ which is all my aliments stacked up for decades, is for a trained doctor who can follow my changing symptoms as the treatment is in effect, and the remedies accordingly, until the case is brought to a close. The credentials of my new doctor are overwhelming and if you care to read about his many doctorates and skills and years of service to humanity you may do so at

hyoSo I took Hyoscyamus 30c, one dose on an empty stomach for 5 days, as prescribed by the Doctor. Day one brought an unexpected emotional outburst (what, me cry in public??) along with a burning of the skin around my mouth, which I described to the doctor as feeling like a chemical burn, and taking about a week to heal. My husband dowsed for my thyroid levels again (I did not want to be emotionally vested in the outcome of the dowsing), which have not changed, and I reported as well.

I updated my new doctor via email, and he has replied;                     

dr s  “Thanks for the update. Pl take Sulphur 30c, one dose empty stomach        daily for 5 days and report me back after 2 wks.”  Dr. Sahni

I was told not to take any ‘herbal prescriptions’ during the 5 day period, so to me that means no homeopathy, no Bach flowers, no herbal supplements, nor any energy healing requiring a magnet. I will still continue with my biosil which  I usually take daily for the burning in my feet (although I have never made the connect why it helps me, but it does).The only thing that will remain in my repertoire in the next 5 days is morning oil swishing and Sai Sanjeevini prayers in my morning drink.  Neither will cloud or disturb the treatment.                                                                                                                                                     I feel so honored that a world class healer of his caliber would even consider my case. Other doctors just abandoned me (or I abandoned them) when they couldn’t fix me. Now, my case is being considered by a master, so I trust he will bring my case to some conclusion…finally

Who To Fear

DEATH BY ALLOPATHY  Allopathic treatments are the third leading cause of death in the United States, and according to some, may now be the leading cause. They are deaths of the ‘iatrogenic’ category, which means ‘of or relating to illness caused by medical examination or treatment’. Across the board, many serious diseases such as cancer, Alzheimers, and heart disease, have had their cures suppressed by the FDA and the AMA. The smallpox vaccination killed millions over the centuries even though they knew the cure in the 17th century. Poisons are allowed in our foods- aspartame and fluoride, not to mention the dreaded mercury which is contained in our fillings- yes- mercury dwells in our mouths and in our blood stream via a multitude of vaccinations.

Now read Death By Medicine by the highly respected Gary Null (red stuff), for more details    Null.

A 2009 investigative report published in The New Yorker found that areas of the United States that utilize more conventional medicines and treatments tend to have worse health outcomes. In contrast, nearby areas with similar demographics but lesser use of medical procedures and drugs tend to experience better health.  Here are some overwhelming statistics about medical nightmares that I have verified by cross referencing;

  • 2.2 million per year have adverse reactions to prescribed drugs, and The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that 20 percent of newly approved drugs are ultimately recalled as unsafe.
  • 20 million per year are given unnecessary antibiotics for viral infections.
  • 7.5 million unnecessary surgeries  are performed every year.
  • 8.9 million are unnecessarily hospitalized every year.
  • The total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an   astounding 783,936 per year.

And here’s a Latin proverb…

“The doctor is to be feared more than the disease.”

Lady V

Lady V must be, conservatively ,over 70 years old, if she’s a day. She is a member of a rising group called the working homeless, with a culture and a look all it’s own.  She and 1 other that I know ofsiuitcaslady v, work with me as fund raisers. What a twist- these determined women who travel with rolling suitcases in tow, sporting plaid jackets and dark pants, short hair and baseball caps or hoodies, who don’t have a permanent place to lay their heads at night, spend their days raising money for charities! I once saw Lady V retrieve an uneaten sandwich from the garbage and gratefully gobble it down. Then she took her seat in the call room and raised over $1000 for an equally grateful non profit organization. The irony. She sleeps in flop houses or cheap hotels when she has the money, and bus stations and I don’t know where, when she doesn’t. If only I had a small suite of offices which included a full kitchen and a full bathroom- I’d open up

Madeleine’s Morning Rest Stop and Healing Center                       

Each client will be greeted with an offering glass    

  • A glass of Sanjeevini prayer water
  • A hot shower and clean clothing exchange
  • Laundry facilities
  • A full hot breakfast including eggs and potatoes, fruit salad, bagels and jam, and coffee
  • A meeting with a life coach/advocate
  • An opportunity to take care of business be it use of phone, computer, fax, scanner/copier.  Also a chance to sit at the computer for healing sessions using digital radionics, or touch other healing patterns from our numerous books of healing systems.

Each client leaves with sacklunh c

  • A sack lunch consisting of a sandwich (not bologna) , pretzels, apple, cookies, and drink
  • Bus tokens
  • Hygiene kit which has a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, shampoo, lotion, lip balm, hairbrush, towel
  • Resource list of everything from soup kitchens to homeopathy and women’s clinics, and from clean clothing, to the clean needle exchanges.
  • Healing folder containing a mini magnet, and Paper Doctor and  Sai Sanjeevini patterns and a small healing crystal

Lady V told me she sells flowers on the weekends, and said she also
illworkforfod   oo

Sai Sanjeevini Success

sai6I love the updates I get now and then, from the Sai Sanjeevini team. They are constantly making it easier, faster, and more efficient, to put together a healing remedy, in just minutes.  If you don’t know them, then let me introduce you

A few months a go, I received an email update with a ‘recipe’ for a skin remedy. I made up a sample using an amber bottle and sugar pellets, labeled “SKIN”. Then I took all of my face and body moisturizers and products, and 1 by 1 charged them up with my newly made skin combination.

I use my Sanjeevini creams as a part of my daily skin care routine. I also use Sanjeevini charged lotion on my feet every night when I take my shoes off. I suffer from an ongoing condition of pain and burning when I walk (the root cause of which I have been unable to cure), but within literately seconds of application of the lotion, the burning is gone and my feet are restored to temporary normalcy. I am amazed by the speed in which the cream/lotion works, and how thoroughly it works as an analgesic.

sai blood pressureAnother success I have received from this beautiful system is normal blood pressure. I went from an unchecked 148/90 down to a cool 117/76 by incorporating a few patterns along with combination #8, BLOOD PRESSURE HIGH into my mega remedy, and charge my morning coffee daily. (I check my BP at the pharmacy in a regulation blood pressure cuff, for complete accuracy). But you may also dowse for either the specific numbers, or just for your blood pressure range, be it low, normal, or high. We have added the same patterns to my husband’s mega remedy, whose blood pressure rose after accepting a very stressful employment, and his is now normal, as well.

common senseThe Sai Sanjeevini approach is common sense. As advised, always start with combinations #1 and #60, and then add patterns that relate to the conditions you are trying to cure. So if you are addressing blood pressure, pick things like, whole body, blood, circulation, heart, and veins.

 I would like to take note of dosing, which is very flexible;

  •  3-6 doses a day are needed for chronic conditions
  •  6-10 doses a day are needed for acute conditions
  •  can be taken every 5 minutes for emergencies

A dose is a sip from a cup of remedy water, or a few drops from the dropper bottle, or 1-3 pellets of sugar pellets.  A dose could be a bite from a charged sandwich!sandwich

Tough Love Verses Kind Love


tough love I tried tough love a few times. The shoe just didn’t fit. I’ve always been a solicitor of cooperation- never the disciplinarian. But many believe tough love is necessary, for the best interest, of course, the one receiving the tough love, which is absurd.

I am relating this all to our drug addicts- who receive the most devastating consequences, all for the kicked outone simple act of relapse. I have seen individuals consistently expelled from rehab for having a slip, and then the poor soul has lost his food and shelter, treatment, and may also have suffered some criminal charges too, and may not be allowed back to the treatment facility for 30 days or 60 days, while in the meantime, they are on the streets high, cause if they had the ‘self control’ to not use for the 30 or 60 days, they wouldn’t need residential treatment now, would they? A high price to pay, if you will pardon the pun.

It is put so well by Dr. Peter Ferentzy who writes for the Huffington Post in his article giving new meaning to the word ‘enabling’. He does concede that there may come a time when someone in your life is too much to bear, and letting that person go might be necessary, however it is best to come clean and admit that you are doing it for yourself- Throwing people to the dogs for their own good is nonsense and starting to wear thin.

kind loveAnd here is another article by a top doc explaining why kind love beats tough love. At the end of the day it is a matter of believing the addict is worth saving, even if he/she is still using. This is a great article from the Harvard Post, Called ‘Kindness Heals”

kindness kind3 kind4 kind kindd2 kindness1 kindness2 kindness4 kindness6



                  KIND LOVE HEALS

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